From the Latin Dictamen
n., maxim of moral, of prudence;
that which conscience and reason dictate; 


Ditame is the brand which represents the companies DITAMEConsultoria Organizacional e Gestão de Recursos Humanos, Lda. (Organizational Consultancy and human Resources management, Ltd.)and GRHUAEmpresa de Trabalho Temporário e Gestão de Recursos Humanos de Aveiro, Lda. (Temping and human Resources management of Aveiro, Ltd.),which are focussed towards Consultancy and Temping, respectively.

We cover the Portuguese market, with offices in Lisbon and Porto. Aveiro was chosen as the headquarters for the Company.

Accredited professionals with solid experience develop a competitive partnership with our clients in the different areas of Consultancy, with an approach based on competences, applied to the business strategies.

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